Torture Sex Stories - Raped and tortured in the woods

    My tits have always been huge. When I was in high school, I bound them with ace bandages so no one would notice. By the time I left college, I realized the power they held. My set of 38 DDs sat firmly on my tall thin frame and I had big responsive nipples that every man wanted to squeeze and suck. My experience with tit torture was mild. My lover would squeeze my big nipples and tug on them hard during sex. He was the one who recommended my for my first modeling job.

    I was thinking of the way he abused my nipples at an assignment one late afternoon. I couldn’t wait to leave and call him, needing to have my nipples squeezed. I was modeling for some magazine that sold slutty clothes and I was in a tight yellow top without a bra and a tight knit skirt and 4 inch heels. My nipples easily showed through my knit top and when I left, the stylist told me to keep the outfit since the pay wasn’t that great. I left in that outfit and began to drive home.

    I had no way of knowing that my car had been disabled and that it would only go about 2 miles before breaking down. It had been disabled by 3 men on motorcycles who had seen me enter the modeling site. I was on a quiet dirt road in the middle of the woods, a short cut no one else really knew, when the car gave out. I was out of my car with the hood up, wondering who might possibly drive by to help when 3 motor cycles pulled up.

    “Need some help?” one of them asked and I noticed they were all staring at my tits. “No” I replied. “Oh, come on, let’s help you out, maybe you can think of a way to pay us” They all laughed. I turned and began to run through the woods, afraid of what they might do to me, my huge tits bouncing like crazy, my escape hindered by my 4 inch heels. It wasn’t long before I tripped and fell face down on my tits. The wind was knocked out of me and when I gathered my senses, I thought I was alone. I pushed myself up by my hands when I felt a heavy boot between my shoulder blades, forcing me back down. My arms were puled back and shackles placed above each elbow. A short chain connected them. I was pulled up on my knees.

    “No” I moaned, as I saw two men on motorcycles in front of me “let me go”. “We want to see those tits bounce first”, said the man in front of me. He pulled my tight shirt up over my big tits, exposing them. One guy whistled. I glanced down and saw my huge tits forced out in front of me; my nipples were rock-hard. “My name’s Kyle”, said the man in front of me as he grabbed my big tits and began jiggling them. “Shake these monsters for us” he demanded. “NO!” I called out. He then grabbed both of my nipples between his thumb and forefinger and pulled up on them hard, ordering me to stand. “Looks like we’re going to have to teach you who is boss” . I was forced up by my nipples and he lead me by my nipples toward the other two guys on their bikes.

    “Zach here is our foreplay man, he’s going to get you ready for us” . Zach got off his bike and approached me and ordered me to bend at my waist. I did as I was told, this time my huge jugs falling freely toward the ground. He grabbed by right nipple and stretched it hard “OHHHH” I moaned, “Please stop” My left nipple was pulled the same manner and then he pulled one and then the other as though he were milking a cow. My tit’s were being stretched hard back and forth as I moaned and the other two guys egged him on, “harder… tug those babies harder” and they laughed at my humiliation.

    Kyle walked up behind me and pulled my skirt up over my ass. “lift your ass in the air” he ordered. I did as I was told. He pulled my panties down around my ankles and began to rub my clit as Zach continued my nipple stretching. I knew I would come if he continued. He slid his finger up my cunt. “She’s ready for us”, he laughed.

    Zach pulled me up straight and pulled some clamps out of his pocket. “No, not nipple clamps”, I moaned as he applied a clamp to each of my seriously erect nipples. He attached a thin dog leash to each clamp and tugged, forcing me to walk behind him as he lead me by my nipples. I stumbled as he jerked me hard, “If you fall, I will drag you by your nipples,” he said. Kyle had brought a bed role and laid it on the ground as we approached a tree. “Get on your knees” Zach ordered. “Get the camera, Chase”. I got on my knees and Zach unzipped his pants exposing his huge cock. “Suck, slut” he ordered, his throbbing cock in front of my face. “No.” He grabbed my clamped nipple and tweaked it hard. I opened my mouth to scream and he shoved his huge cock in my mouth. Chase began filming as Zach twisted and tugged my nipple “Suck harder, slut” he ordered. I sucked hard as his huge cock filled my mouth and swallowed as I was ordered to do as the camera rolled.

    My arms were freed from the shackles and I was positioned on my hands and knees. Kyle took the leashes, pulled them taunt and nailed the ends to the tree. My huge tits were stretched tightly as I remained helpless on my hands and knees. He unzipped his pants and got down on his knees behind me. “Lift your ass in the air so I make sure I get your pussy instead of your ass”, he ordered. I lifted my ass in the air and his huge cock entered my wet pussy. He tugged me toward him, causing my tits to stretch tauntly. “Ohhhhh, my tits” I moaned.

    “I can pump forever unless you say something to turn me on” Kyle said. “tell me how you like your horny tits tugged and I’ll shoot my wad and get your out of this misery”.

    “Oh, god, my tits are so horny”, I gasped as the camera rolled. “fuck me hard and stretch my tortured tits” I gasped.

    They laughed as Kyle thrust his big cock in my pussy and tugged on my stretched out nipples while the camera rolled. I moaned loudly gasping about my big horny tits. He finally came and turned my over to Chase who was far more brutal. He grabbed my nipple leashes and jerked them with on hand while he fucked my pussy and used his other hand to fondle my clit. I screamed as my clit throbbed in pleasure and I came hard.

    I was brought up again to my knees as my shackled arms were chained behind me again. My nipple clamps were removed. “Suck your tits” Chase ordered as he filmed me sucking and licking both of my erect nipples. “Tell us how you like it” “I love sucking my hard, horny nipples”, I moaned as I licked and bit my own tits.

    Zach puled out a tape measure from his bag and measured my nipple erection “almost 3 inches, ” he laughed. “I think these babies are still too horny to let her go. Do you need some more nipple torture?” “Yes,” I gasped, unable to say no. He tugged on them hard as Kyle removed a riding crop from the bag. We are going to whip your nipples 10 times unless you beg for it” he said. “No” I gasped. “please don’t whip my aching tits”. Zach pulled my hair back forcing my huge tits out in front of me as Kyle swung the crop against my erect nipples. “UHHHHHH” I moaned. “Do you want it 9 more times or three?” Zach ordered.

    “Whip my tits” I moaned. the crop came down on my tits again as the camera rolled. “Whip my big horny nipples” I gasped. The crop landed on my throbbing tits again. “No more, please” I moaned. Kyle stretched out both of my tits. “Are they still horny?” he demanded. “yes” I replied, “they need a good whipping”. The final blow was particularly painful and I moaned “Ohhhhhh god, please, my tits, no more”

    They pulled me up by my nipples again and walked me over to their bikes. I was put on the front of zach’s bike, my legs sread wide open and my pussy exposed. My huge, erect nipples were clamped again and weights were attached to each one this time. My big tits bounced hard as Zach drove his motorcycle over every rock he could see. “Oh, god, my tortured tits”, I moaned as they bounced obscenely on the motorcycle. I was brought back to the car. Chase fixed my disabled car as Kyle bent me over the bike and fucked me dog style. The other two took their turns before unchaining me and letting me drive off.

    “if you look on the internet on some of the darkest sights, you can watch yourself begging for nipple torture”, said Kyle as he gave my erect nipples a final tweak.

    I take that road at least once a week, looking for them, but I’ve never seen them again. I’ve never been able to find anyone who can torture my big tits the way they did. They ruined me.

    2nd March 2012 Torture Sex Stories
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